Candidacy Filing Deadlines

April 23, 2024

at 4:00pm

U.S. Senate Candidates 

U.S. House Candidates

State Senate Candidates

State House Candidates 

County Candidates 

Township Candidates 

May 7, 2024

at 4:00pm 

Precinct Delegate Candidates

July 18, 2024 

at 4:00pm 

Non-Partisan Candidates 

(City Counsel including mayor)

July 23, 2024

at 4:00pm

School Board Candidates

Why Become a Precinct Delegate

Serving as a precinct delegate is one of the best ways for an
average citizen to amplify their influence in the political
process and support leaders who stand for traditional values.
The positive results you can accomplish in this role are
powerful and make a real difference. Getting started is easy
and the likelihood of winning a delegate seat is very high.

Each delegate represents their fellow citizens in their
neighborhood. Through votes cast at local and state
conventions, delegates help to shape issues and select
leaders in one of the two major political parties. These
conventions are used to select candidates for the highest
offices in state government.



Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to Linda Richardson on being awarded ICRP Volunteer of the Year! Linda is a dedicated member and is always sharing wonderful ideas as well as always putting in the hard work to make it possible. Thank you, Linda!




FLAG A PATRIOT, in now “wintered”.  It will return in the Spring then honor the patriots IN YOUR LIFE!

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Is God in Government?  Does God Belong in Government? Part 1 What is EKKLESIA, Part 2?  So much information and this is where you will find it.

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Actions – where you can make a change, get involved, join the party, and connect with new friends.

Attend – Find out about all the events and meetings where you need to be to make a difference in Isabella county, including school board meetings, government meetings, as well as Special Events.  You need to do more than just vote, you need to join in our community to make postive changes.  There are lots of opportunities for trainings, you’ll want to check it out as there are lots of offereings that may be time sensitive.

Articles and Information – Check this drop down menu for all those that crave knowledge and understanding!  Here you will find GOP News, News from our county and state chairs.

God in Government – This is a developing series that investigate God’s role in government.  In our party we believe there is a place for God in Government – it is NOT easily explained; hence, we have an ongoing series to help explore it!

And current happenings, events, announcements will always be on the remaining menu bar.  Have fun and join us.

We welcome you to a new re-energized Republican Party!  We are part of the broader coalition of counties in the Congressional District 2 in Michigan.  This is the home of the Isabella County Republican Committee. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and learn more about our local Republican organization.

As the local Republican organization in Isabella County, our group focuses on candidates running for local offices, including countywide positions, County Commission and other local offices. We also provide local assistance to regional and statewide Republican candidates.

Online, you can learn about the many different ways to get involved, find out about upcoming events in our area, make a local contribution to help candidates right here in Isabella County and more. Of course, if you have any questions, just visit the “Contact Us” page for more information.

Again, thank you for visiting the new home of the Isabella County Republican Committee, and we hope you will get involved and help us make a difference!


Dawn Betha,

Campaign Headquarters

We will set up another headquarters next election year.