Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Hold Big Leads in Michigan: Poll

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are leading their competitors by double digits in Michigan’s March 8 primary, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll.

In the Republican race, Trump gets support from 41 percent of likely primary voters — followed by Ted Cruz at 22 percent, Marco Rubio at 17 percent and John Kasich at 13 percent.

NBC News/WSJ/Marist GOP poll

Decision 2016

The poll was partially conducted before Ben Carson announced that he did not see a path forward in the GOP contest. With Carson in the race and before his second-choice support was reallocated, the race was Trump 40 percent, Cruz 19 percent, Rubio 15 percent, Kasich 11 percent and Carson 9 percent.)

Trump and Cruz Vie for Front-Runner Status Amid Bleak Path for Rubio 1:34

Given his poll standing, Trump leads the GOP pack among almost every demographic group – men, women, Republicans, independents, moderate GOP primary voters and conservatives. He’s even ahead of Cruz by one point among white evangelicals, 30 percent to 29 percent.

But Cruz leads Trump among “very conservative” GOP primary voters, 43 percent to 30 percent.

Clinton up by 17 points in Democratic race

In the Democratic contest, Clinton leads Sanders among likely primary voters by 17 points, 57 percent to 40 percent. But the race is closer among the larger potential Democratic electorate — Clinton at 52 percent and Sanders at 44 percent.

NBC News/WSJ/Marist Democrat poll

Decision 2016

Clinton is ahead of Sanders among African Americans (76 percent to 21 percent), those ages 45 and older (68 percent to 27 percent), Democrats (63 percent to 33 percent), women (61 percent to 36 percent), men (51 percent to 47 percent) and whites (49 percent to 48 percent).

Sanders, meanwhile, leads among independents (60 percent to 36 percent) and those under 45 years old (61 percent to 39 percent).

Both Clinton and Sanders have the advantage over Trump in general-election matchups.

In hypothetical general-election matchups in Michigan, Clinton leads Trump by 16 points, 52 percent to 36 percent, while Sanders is ahead by an even wider margin, 56 percent to 34 percent.

Against Ted Cruz, Clinton’s lead is seven points, 48 percent to 41 percent, while Sanders is up 18 points, 54 percent to 36 percent.

President Obama’s approval rating in Michigan stands at 50 percent among registered voters.

The NBC/WSJ/Marist poll was conducted March 1-3 among 2,229 registered voters (which has a margin of error of plus-minus 2.1 percentage points), 546 likely Democratic primary voters (plus-minus 4.2 percentage points) and 482 likely Republican primary voters (plus-minus 4.5 percentage points).

Statement on the Passing of Nancy Reagan

MRP Statement on the passing of Nancy Reagan 

LANSING, Mich., March 6, 2016 – Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ronna Romney McDaniel on Sunday released the following statement regarding the passing of former First Lady Nancy Reagan

“Nancy Reagan’s passing is an incredibly sad moment. Her love story with President Reagan is one for the ages, and the way they continued to show their love and affection for each other throughout their lives is something we should all admire. She also had an undeniable impact on our culture through her work on the ‘Just Say No’ campaign, with the admirable goal of helping children avoid dangerous behaviors.

“Nancy, both during her husband’s time in the oval office and well after, has had a profound impact on the Republican Party and America as a whole. She will be sorely missed, and my thoughts and prayers go out to her family as they mourn her passing while celebrating her life.”

State Action in the Wake of the Flint Water Crisis




February 3, 2015: Governor Snyder awards Flint $2 Million grant in ‘distressed municipalities’ grants for water system infrastructure improvements. (Governor Snyder’s office,,4668,7-277-57577_57657-346722–,00.html, 2/3/15)

October 2 2015: Governor Snyder Releases 10 Point Comprehensive Action Plan To Address Water Concerns. (Department of Environmental Quality,,4561,7-135-3308_3323-366287–,00.html, 10/2/15)

 Oct 8, 2015: Governor Reconnects Flint Back To Detroit Water (“A Timeline Of The Water Crisis In Flint, Michigan,” The Associated Press, 1/16/16)

October 15, 2015: “The Michigan Legislature and Snyder approve nearly $9.4 million in aid to Flint, including $6 million to help switch its drinking water back to Detroit. The legislation also includes money for water filters, inspections and lab testing.” (“A Timeline Of The Water Crisis In Flint, Michigan,” The Associated Press, 1/16/16)

January 5, 2016: Governor Snyder Declares A State Of Emergency in Flint. (“A Timeline Of The Water Crisis In Flint, Michigan,” The Associated Press, 1/16/16

Jan 11. Gov Snyder Signs Executive Order To Create Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee. (Ron Fonger, “Gov. Snyder signs executive order to create new Flint water committee,”, 1/11/16)

January 12, 2016: “Snyder Activates The Michigan National Guard To Help Distribute Bottled Water And Filters In Flint And Asks The Federal Government For Help.” (“A Timeline Of The Water Crisis In Flint, Michigan,” The Associated Press, 1/16/16)

January 14, 2016: “Snyder Asks The Obama Administration For Major Disaster Declaration And More Federal Aid.” (“A Timeline Of The Water Crisis In Flint, Michigan,” The Associated Press, 1/16/16)

January 19, 2016: Governor Rick Snyder Gives State Of The State Address, Apologizing For The Crisis And Vowing To Fix It. “Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder gave a State of the State address Tuesday night, following remarks he made a day earlier on how he’s made mistakes in handling the Flint, Mich., water crisis. ‘I’m sorry and I will fix it,’ Snyder said near the opening of his speech, directly addressing the residents of Flint. ‘Government failed you at the federal, state and local level.’”

Jan 28, 2016: State Legislature Passes $28 Million To Aid In Recovery Efforts. “Michigan’s Legislature pushed through $28 million in funding Thursday to aid residents of Flint with recovery efforts, money that will be used to help children with high levels of lead in their blood, the governor’s office said.” (Steve Almasy, “Flint water crisis: City to get $28 million in state aid” CNN, 1/28/16)

Feb. 23, 2016: State Legislature gives Final Approval of $30 Million in Flint Aid. “The Legislature’s approval of this $30 million plan to assist with Flint residents with water bills is a testament to the state’s continued commitment to helping during this crisis. I thank my partners in the House and Senate for their unanimous support and swift action.” (,6092,7-345–377539–,00.html 2/23/16)

Roger Hauck Announces Candidacy for State Representative


Roger Hauck announces candidacy for State Representative

Union Township resident Roger Hauck announced his candidacy for the 99th District State House seat Thursday.

Hauck is a life-long resident of the 99th District. He grew up on a large farm in rural Isabella County and graduated from Beal City High School in 1980. He worked in the shop at The Delfield Company for 24 years and served on the Union Township Board of Trustees for three.

He and his wife, Raschelle, a registered nurse at Mid Michigan Medical Center, have two children: Matthew, a first-grade teacher, and Stacey, a registered nurse.

Hauck is running as a Republican with pro-business, pro-growth, and pro-education policy ideas ready to serve the constituents within Isabella County.

His plan to increase the number of Michigan jobs revolves around keeping Michigan competitive when it comes to regulation and taxes.

He wants to keep the cost of energy low, both as an incentive to draw in businesses and to keep Michigan families with power even during the hard times.

Hauck believes that alternatives to the college track, such as trade schooling and apprenticeships, should be further addressed.