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Dear Fellow Republicans,


Our great State is in peril due to authoritarian Democrat leaders.  Whether it’s Governor Whitmer’s “War on the Womb,” protecting our children from groomers and gangs, or ensuring hard-working and retired Michiganders can afford their everyday essentials, Michigan Republicans must unite and mobilize to bring about the changes we so desperately need to restore our great State to the Republic as it was founded.


Join the mission by becoming a Michigan First Member.  Your participation helps ensure that our God-given rights will not be abolished by power-driven Democrat politicians who want to “reimagine” America.  


You can become a Michigan First Member by pledging a recurring monthly donation of $17.87.  Your membership strengthens our fight to preserve and maximize the freedoms bequeathed to us by our Constitution.


Joining is easy.  Click here to become a member –


In Liberty,


Kristina Karamo


Michigan Republican Party


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