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2024 Who’s Running

Republicans only!


Nikki Haley   Donald J Trump

US Senate

Michael Hoover     Nikki Snyder              Alexandria Taylor     Mike Rogers        James Craig

Peter Meijer            Sherry O’Donnell      Sandy Pensler          Benson Samuel   Sharon Savage

J.D. Wilson             Glenn Wilson


Michigan Senate

Roger Hauck

Michigan Representative

Jerry Neyer

County Commissioners

Terry Hutchinson (R)

Chris Embrey (R)

Jerry Jaloszynski (R)

Frank Engler (R)

Mount Pleasant, Shepherd, and Beal City School Boards are a few years out.

Please Contact [email protected] if you are running for an office as a Republican or know of someone who is.  There will be a form to fill out for verification purposes,

If you know of Republicans that are running for these positions please send contact information about them and their campaign to [email protected].  We will reach back out to them for verification purposes.


Want to Run?  Check these out.

Running For Office

Open Positions for 2024

Nominating Petititions and/or Fees

Affidavit of Identity – needed for Precinct Delegates also

Statement of Organization

Additional Guidance

Running for Office – Forms and Paperwork

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