Below you will find positions that are open for the running.

There are many steps to running for office.  The FIRST step is figuring out what you want to run for.  We have provided a list of positions available for the 2024 election cycle.  We will keep this updated as we get intelligence back on who is going to be running.  It is early in the election season, so we do not yet KNOW who they are.  At the bottom of the page if you have found something you feel qualified.    As we find out about open seats we will provide a link, otherwise talk to your clerk about what openings there are.  Alternatively attend on the 4th Thursday at Maranatha Baptist Church for the Isabella County Republican Committee, at 6 p.m.

Public School Committees/Boards


Non-Partisan – Shepherd Public Schools, Beal City Public Schools, Village of Lake Isabella, Village of Rosebush, and Village of Shepherd, and City of Mount Pleasant Commissioners.

Partisan – everything else: Township Supervisor, Trustee, Clerk, Treasurer or Park Commissioner

Judicial –  non yet determined.

Community College Trustee Positions

District Library Board Positions

City, Township and Village Library Board Positions

County-Wide Office.   County Commissioners, Drain commissioner, Treasurer, Register of Deeds, County Prosecutor, Sheriff.

You can also be appointed  check this out.   Board/Commission Openings – Isabella County Michigan , the deadline is already passed, but you can apply in December of every year and as positions become available you could be asked to participate


Running For Office

Open Positions for 2024

Nominating Petititions and/or Fees

Affidavit of Identity – needed for Precinct Delegates also

Statement of Organization

Additional Guidance

Running for Office – Forms and Paperwork