There are many different ways you can become involved in the Isabella County Republican Committee, as you can see below. If there is another way you would like to get involved, just let us know!

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee of the Isabella County Republican Committee is made up of local Republican elected officials and candidates from the past election and an equal number of “at large” members from the community. The Executive Committee is elected by Precinct Delegates at the County Convention following the November election in even years.

Precinct Delegates:

Precinct Delegates are the most localized level of politics, being elected in each Precinct across Isabella County and the entire state. Precinct Delegate positions are apportioned biennially by the Chairman of local Republican Party. Those wishing to be Precinct Delegates must file to run prior to the May candidate filing deadline and appear on the ballot for the August Primary. If more candidates run for Precinct Delegate than there are spots available in any precinct, the top vote-getters are elected to serve a two year term as Precinct Delegate. Precinct Delegates attend local County Conventions, at which the Executive Committee is elected and delegates to Republican State Conventions are chosen. Click here for more information on becoming a Precinct Delegate!,  or

Volunteers and Activists:

Every person that chooses to get involved with the Isabella County Republican Committee helps us make a difference right here in our community. Countless opportunities are available, whether it be helping to staff our office during campaign season, walking in parades or door to door or making a contribution, the selfless volunteers and activists who donate their time are truly the lifeblood of our organization.