🗳 Hopefully by now you’ve determined what’s on your ballot and know who or what to vote for or against. See your ballot at https://mvic.sos.state.mi.us/PublicBallot

🗳 Bring your election guide cheat sheet/list of who to vote for. As a backup take a photo of it in case you lose it on the way in to vote.

🗳 Bring a blue pen to complete your ballot. (always good to be prepared), The Michigan LAW says blue or black Ball Point Pens – no sharpies or other kinds of pens or – heaven forbid – pencils!

🗳 Vote as late as possible.  This will make it difficult if lawbreakers succeed in accessing the running vote count before polls close.

🗳 Fill in each individual oval on your ballot to show voter intent (instead of voting straight ticket)

🗳 Take note of your ballot number

🗳For a write in candidate you must fill in the oval in addition to writing in the name.

🗳If you don’t know who to vote for in a race and intend to leave it blank… fill in the oval next to the write in section and write in any name or abstain or something. That way nobody votes for you. The downside to this is that your ballot will go thru the adjudication process. Best practice is to research your entire ballot beforehand.

🗳 Determine who to call if you have problems (like they say you already voted) and also be ready to file a police report.

🗳Election sign monitoring (enforce sign distance or campaigning distance from polling place entrance)

🗳 Use a Wifi Scanner App (such as NetSpot) that can capture MAC addresses (BSSID) to see what networks are live at your polling place.

🗳 Consider working as an election inspector or poll challenger.

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