2nd Amendment: Doing More for Equality than the Entire Feminist Movement

Today, on March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day. It is a day where we celebrate the strong women in our lives like our mothers, our sisters, our wives, and our daughters. This is a day to celebrate the momma bears, the fighters, and the ones who refuse to back down. They are the protectors of our children, the sanity to a crazy home, and the glue that holds us all together. As a conservative man I CERTAINLY can define what a woman is, and I appreciate all the incredible things they do for us!

Sadly, womanhood has come under attack. Democrats cannot define what a woman is. Men are taking over women’s sports, pretending they can have periods or give birth, and devaluing every actual biological woman. Feminism has downgraded and denigrated the meaning and purpose of a woman and even attacks the traditional woman. Feminism continues to attack and do more harm to the female gender (one of two genders) than good.

Right here in Michigan the attacks continue. Democrats want to infringe and restrict our natural rights to self-preservation by introducing gun legislation such as Red Flag Laws and mandatory registration for all weapons. There is even conversation floating around Lansing about banning ALL ‘assault weapons’ (Though, just like a woman, Democrats can’t really define that either). This undermines the ability for all to defend and protect our families including the women of our lives. Now is the time to push back.

Instead of bowing to Democrat Elitists who, hilariously and hypocritically have armed security themselves, I am doubling down. We need to do more to protect the women of our lives. So, it is my absolute privilege and honor that in recognition of International Women’s Day and in cooperation with Midwest Tactical Training, I have paid in advance for several women to get their concealed pistol license in Michigan.

The importance of our 2nd Amendment rights and the ability to defend ourselves and our families cannot be under stated, and it SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! In the end, we must continue to fight radical ideology that works to strip all of us of our God given rights. The 2nd amendment has done more for making women equal than the entire feminist movement. And today, a few more women have leveled the playing field. 

In Faith and Liberty,

Jon C Rocha



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