Communist Invasion in Michigan

This past Thursday, the Michigan Senate Appropriations Committee voted 10-9 to approve a transfer of nearly $800 million tax dollars to the Chinese battery maker, Gotion. During this meeting, Senator Lana Theis and other individuals disproved the lie that “Gotion is not linked to the Chinese Communist Party” by referencing the company’s Articles of Association. You will find a picture of Gotion’s Articles of Association below. In this picture, you will see that Gotion is not only linked to the Chinese Communist Party, but per their Articles of Association, they will carry out activities “in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.”


Click HERE to read through the whole Articles of Association document.

In the face of this reality, 10 Democrat senators STILL voted to give Michigan taxpayer money to a company that has stated that it will follow the Constitution of the Communist Party of China rather than the Constitution of the United States of America. This is a disgrace. However, in the midst of this, you must know that the fight is not over. Even though the money has been voted on, actual construction of the battery plant has yet to start. What does this mean? It means that we can still put a stop to this. Continue to call, email, and write the Green Charter Township Board expressing your opposition. Click HERE for their contact information

On top of contacting Green Charter Township regarding the Gotion battery plant, it is incredibly important that we continue to be educated on the true threat that China and communism broadly pose to us. Communism’s Subversive War on America is a critical gathering for christians, citizens, and patriots in Michigan, happening on May 6. I invite you to come and be equipped for the fight. Read more about the event and register for it below.


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