Running for Office

We need good Republicans to run for local, county and state positions.  There are MANY positions. I am sure if you are reading this that you can find something you can do to improve our community!  Before you actually start the journey of running for office we want to have you think through the long term implications.  This won’t be a cake walk, but KNOW THIS that the Isabella County Republican Committee (ICRC) is here to help you in any way we can.  Follow these pages that are linked at the bottom to move through these or use the menu system.  When you get to the final page we will offer you a way to get help in these things.

We REALLY need you to step up, and because of that you NEED us to help you.  So we agree!  The following is simple Starter Guide to see if you are ready to be an Isabella County Hero!

Of course the first thing to do is decide what office or position are you interested in?  Here is the Open Positions for 2024.  Look through this list then come back here, it will open in another browser window.

Here is a checklist of questions.  there is no right or wrong answer, but ask and answer each of these, first to yourself than someone close to you like a spouse of close friend.  Then discuss if running for office is for you?

  • Can I do the job?
    • Are you qualified?
    • Can I do it better than those currently there?
    • Can I do it better than anyone else currently running?
    • Will I be able to focus my time and attention to this position?
    • Will I get familial support – if your family is against it, you can’t do it!
    • If you are a strong Faith-based person, seek God’s will in the matter.
  • Can I successfully learn the ropes of following all the laws to file for an office?
  • Will you take the time while campaigning to fill out or get assistance to fill out all the forms and reports required to run?
  • Will the complexity of running require a volunteer familiar with the process or will I have to hire?
    • If it is for a township you and a few friends could manage it, but it is a county or state-wide positions you may need to do more.
    • Take the time to find someone who can help you with this, besides us.  Experience is always important.
  • Who will be your volunteers, or will you need any, or might you have to hire someone?
    • Decide if you can do this on your own with a few friends or will you need volunteers.
      • If it is you and your friends consider the following
        • being respectful of your friends time and commitment, you don’t want them as enemies later.   🙂
        • Track their time and thank them personally for their efforts.
      • If it is volunteers you need, please consider
        • having a volunteer coordinator
        • How many volunteers? How many hours of work per week? What dates will you need to start using them?  How many hours will they be volunteering.  There is much to consider when you have volunteers. That’s one reason to cosider a friend to coordinate for you.
        • How will you vet your volunteers so you know they are honest, have integrity, and trustworthy?  Will you require an application, resume, reference or referral?
      • If you hire someone plese consider
        • How will you know you can trust them?
          • Have them fill out a questionnaire?
          • Submit a Resume?
          • Fill out an application?
          • Maybe a combination of the above?
        • Do their values for the position correspond to yours?
        • How will you pay them (yes, out of the campaign fund)
          • Hourly wage?
            • how much?
            • how many hours a week?
          • Contract?
            • A set amount monthly, weekly, biweekly?
            • Estimate the hours to help you evaluate the contract amount.
          • Will you manage the “payroll” (not recommended, unless that’s what you do for your day job – but even then)?
            • consider outside independent entitites to manage these questions
            • That 3rd party may be able to help with the above questions.
          • How much money will you need to raise to accomplish this?
  • Make a “T” chart of pros and cons.  Consider leaning to the longer list.
  • Get verbal confirmation from family and close friends.  If they don’t support it, it may not be worth the effort.
  • Make another “T” chart of Strengths to do the job and Weaknesses to Overcome
  • Make a decision on all the above.  You are ready for the next step
  • Find someone who has run for office and talk to them about the process. Many “long-term” politicians may not realize just HOW MUCH is involved, because they did the work and understand the process.  Find an “occasional” office holder, they may be more helpful.  Once you think they have given you the basic seek out someone that is doing a comparable job that you wish to run for.
  • There is much to read, but take the time to do it.  The steps we have here are the “short course”, but the longer way will benefit you in understanding the process.  Instead of making this page longer please go to Running for Office Reading List




Running For Office

Running for Office Reading List

Open Positions for 2024

Nominating Petititions and/or Fees

Affidavit of Identity – needed for Precinct Delegates also

Statement of Organization

Additional Guidance

Running for Office – Forms and Paperwork