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SAVE THE DATE – June 3rd, ’23 come and join us at Liberty Mountain in Farwell, MI for a D2 DAY of festivities and Patriotic Fun! From various rallies to competitions, silent auctions and live music, this day will be filled with many opportunities to participate!

MiGOP D2 is aspiring to build resources through the facilitation of inspiring events that engage and empower conservatives and families to faithfully renew and restore our Republic!

You WON’T want to miss this – STAY TUNED!


This last week we saw some of the most absurd, aggregious, radical, and frankly downright unconstitutional “Gun Confiscation” laws being passed in the Michigan Legislature. The Democrats are pulling back the veil of what conservatives have been saying all along: They want to take away all of your guns and they will stop at NOTHING to do it!

Dont believe me? The Speaker of the House of Representatives Joe Tate had mentioned to Gongwire news that the initial gun confiscation laws are “just the floor, it’s not the ceiling in terms of what we’d like to do.” They have a plan and getting rid of all guns is the goal. Even with these initial bills, Michigan moves more left than California, New York, and even Oregon with these gun confiscation bills.

On Wednesday March 15th, the gun confiscation lobby will be meeting for a rally at the Capitol in Lansing to ensure THEIR voice is heard, and it is time that you made YOUR voice heard. Join me and many other Self Defense proponants in supporting our right to self preservation. Activists, groups, supporters, and legislators from all around Michigan look to gather but we need your support and YOU!

Where: Meet at 326 W Ionia St Lansing, MI 48933 for parking (Overflow @ Ferris Park 419 W Shiawassee St Lansing, MI 48933)

When: 8am Parking Lot meeting at the St Mary’s Cathedral. Further directions from there.

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