Dear Precinct Delegates,

Nearly two weeks ago, after the January 13th Special State Committee meeting held in Houghton Lake, Chairwoman Karamo spoke to the RNC Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel.   After their call was completed, Chairwoman Karamo asked me to schedule a call with a team of RNC lawyers.  During my call with the RNC lawyers, they correctly informed me that the RNC does not interfere in state committee intra-party disputes. They also made a specific reference to the Virgin Islands.  I think this is important because this also happens to be another John Yob operation station. Just so you know, Rob Steele, our RNC committeeman, has also said that the RNC cannot solve our internal problems.

If you are wondering why the state party has a non-intervention policy in county committees, I would direct you to the fact that we have three levels of the party with authority derived from the delegates who elect three people to the RNC committee, along with other states and territories.  This statement of fact debunks Mark Forton’s false claims that Jim Copas stated that Chairwoman Karamo could remove county chairs.

To be clear, lawyers signing a letter does not communicate anything other than their opinion.  Therefore, while the letter is authentic, I do not care because their opinion is irrelevant to any resolution.  The fact is, none of the four levels of political committees speak exclusively through their chair. Instead, the committee makes policy. The RNC has an executive committee and full committee that may consider reviewing and offering their opinions at their discretion.  But again, it’s an opinion. Therefore the opinion of the lawyers who advise the chair is not relevant.

At this point, it is business as usual for us.  On March 2, 2024, MIGOP will elect delegates, presidential nominee and two RNC committee members. The base needs to understand that these national committee elections are crucial.

Michigan National Committeeman Rob Steele has chosen to be ‘neutral’ in the chair dispute. While I respect Rob’s work on the delegate rescue plan, I truly feel like it is time for him to speak truth on the facts of this matter.

I assure you that a genuine signed letter from RNC lawyers will not change the MIGOP State Committee’s interpretation of its own bylaws. This was done after the rules subcommittee report was reviewed by 61 state committee members, who voted to determine that the January 6, 2024 gathering was, in fact, invalid.

Lastly, it’s obvious that this drama is part of the mission to remove Chairwoman Karamo.  In my opinion, this letter was politically motivated to try and further intimidate her and her team.

In Liberty,

Dan Hartman
General Counsel
Michigan Republican Party
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