Articles and Political News

We try our best in a busy world to give you useful and timely articles and the latest political news.

Unfortunately we can no longer depend on the “traditional” sources for news.  It is now the role of the citizen journalist to inform us of what is happening.  Since we are the Republicans in Isabella county, Michigan, we will be focusing on our county and state. Some news events on a national scale will show up here.  We encourage you to visit daily, as we will not keep links up forever, but some may stay relevant for a long time.  We don’t want to replace you source of gathering news, so here we use the following sources as we scour through the internet.

  • The Epoch Times (a GREAT news source – maybe the last – but it is subscription based)
  • The Western Journal (for occasional relevant national news.
  • The Center Square This is both National and Statewide
  • The Midwesterner News – News in the Midwest without the liberal lean!
  • The Daybreak Daily  – A Salem news site.
  • There are MANY good podcasters to listen to and other sites than lean strongly Trump, but that doesn’t mean they are either GOOD or BAD, they just show their bias like other outlets.  We encourage you, the citizen, to do your own research and listen to people who do NOT always agree with you.  We can NOT have civil discussions if we do not understand their point of view.  Some of the following are used as there are NO equivalents from unbiased sources
    • The Gateway Pundit  –  WARNING – VERY PRO TRUMP, but still LOTS of good reporting you can’t get elsewhere
    • Prager-U – great videos that explain complex issues in simpler terms
    • Charlie Kirk – WARNING – PRO TRUMP, but great information for the young, and young at heart.
    • Dan Bongino – Invaluable insight to the political world, always worth a listen

There are MANY OTHERS, too long to list, but you will need to talk to others to get that exhaustive list.  What is here is meant to be a STARTER list only.  Please visit our site often and check the above sites out from time to time to stay informed.