MIGOP Volunteer Recruitment

In effort to expand MIGOP, we are looking for dedicated volunteers to help fill various needed positions and tasks inside the administration.  As you know, Marian Sheridan is our elected grassroots Vice-Chair and in accordance with the MIGOP bylaws “shall supervise and direct all activities relating to…volunteers” which is just one responsibility of the Grassroots Vice Chair.  You probably are also aware that Marian, is one of our 16 electors, who have been unlawfully targeted and subjected to persecution and unjust prosecution under the dictatorial actions of Dana Nessel.

If there was ever a time to roll up our sleeves and help one another, it seemingly is now.  “Many hands make light work” .

In effort to lighten the workload, we will be asking for your help to recruit dedicated volunteers. Managing and organizing statewide volunteers is a challenging role.  We recognize that each of you are tirelessly running the day-today responsibilities of your respective counties.  We are hoping that (because you interact and maintain the closest relationships with our grassroots members, delegates, and activists) you would be willing to help us recruit potential individuals who are willing and able to fill the need.

Currently we are seeking a newly created 2024 State Committee Meeting Team.  This team will consist of 12 volunteers, selected from Michigan’s different geographical regions.  These individuals will be responsible for all mechanics of coordinating, organizing, and managing MIGOP’s (approximately 5 per year) State Committee Meetings.  Specific tasks range from coordinating the venue/location, procuring necessary supplies, running the registration/check in process, oversight on proper credentialing, etc.  (MIGOP bylaw training will be provided).

Additionally, our elected Administrative Vice-Chair, Ali Hossein, is responsible for all “activities relating to conventions” in accordance with MIGOP bylaws.  We are also asking for your help to fill the much-needed Convention Activity Planning Teams. Ideal candidates would be energetic, detailed oriented, event planning focused with excellent customer service or relationship skills to fill (one of two teams):

  1. District Convention Planning Team (Huntington Place in Detroit)
  2. RNC Convention Planning Team

We are asking interested volunteers to send the below contact information to [email protected].

MIGOP Convention Volunteer

MIGOP Convention Volunteer

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