This information is being passed on to help you, our county Republicans to be informed.  Posting does not mean we either agree or disagree, we are merely passing information.

Dear Fellow Republicans,
Over the past few weeks, the Michigan Republican Party has been in turmoil and dispute over the removal of former Chair Karamo. While there are several points of view, the Second District Republican Committee of Michigan agrees that it is imperative to share our view with you in light of facts supported by strict interpretation of the MRP Bylaws.
1. On December 2nd, a Special meeting, properly supported by State Committee members, was submitted as a request and with specific purposes to discuss various items including the possible call to vote to remove Chair Karamo and General Counsel.
2. Chair Karamo failed, within the 15 day timeframe as required per the bylaws, to call the meeting to honor the request of the Special meeting.
3. Second District State Committeewoman, Bree Moeggenberg, called the meeting on December 31st and did so in accordance with the bylaws, giving five days notice with the Special meeting and agenda sent forth to be held on January 6th.
4. At the Special meeting called on January 6th, the former Chair Karamo and former General Counsel were removed in accordance with the bylaws. These votes, in accordance with the bylaws, were by regular members only that were properly credentialed.
5. Before the Special meeting on January 6th concluded, the previously called Special meeting for January 13th was canceled. Therefore any business actions believed to have taken place at the Karamo held meeting on this day are null and void, including, but not limited to, the removal of six State Committee Members.
6. Acting Chair Pego called a Special meeting for January 20th with the main purpose of electing a new Chair and General Counsel as required in the bylaws.
7. At the Special meeting on January 20th, three candidates presented; Lena Epstein, Ambassador Pete Hoekstra and Vance Patrick.
8. As elected by a majority vote, Pete Hoekstra won the majority to Chair the Michigan Republican Party.  In conclusion, and until the RNC makes a determination, the Second District Republican Committee of Michigan will not participate with the slanderous and defamatory past Leadership.
We will recognize and support Chair Hoekstra as the official Chair of the Michigan Republican Party. We will continue to carry through with our duties to work with the District’s Counties and put forth a path forward under the Leadership of Chair Hoekstra.
Thank you all for your patience in this matter and we will update you as updates arrive.
God Bless & In Liberty

Chair  Andrew Sebolt on behalf of the Second District Republican Committee of Michigan.

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