Three little words that have a lot more meaning than any of us realize. We have been brainwashed from birth for at least five generations to believe a FALSE narrative/history of our country. Many of our most cherished traditions and beliefs are based on FALSE information. Here is one example that was eye opening for me. Do you know the origins of our pledge of allegiance? I have to confess that I did not know much except that President Eisenhower added the words “under God” during his administration. There is an excellent article written by Gene Healy of the CATO Institute in 2003 “What’s Conservative about the Pledge of Allegiance?” In his words – “Very little, as it turns out.” The pledge was written by Francis Bellamy, a socialist minister who left the ministry to advance his authoritarian ideas through the public schools. With the aid of the National Education Association he got the pledge adopted in 1892. I encourage you to read the article for yourself and determine if indeed this is a “tradition” that we should continue. I personally don’t like the idea of chanting a pledge to Washington D.C., the home of organized crime agencies and career politicians!

Do any of us really understand that “We The People” ARE the government? Those that we have elected (or had “selected” for us) are PUBLIC SERVANTS. Personally, I don’t believe that many are truly serving the public – the vast majority whether they are Democrat or Republican – are criminals that do what they want, when they want, and don’t care one whit about the public. They are Government Gangsters as Kash Patel calls them. Right now they hold the power.

So how do we fix this? How do “We The People” regain control of our government? I believe the solution lies in working in our local community – the county we live in. But what is the actual ACTION PLAN? Because we need one! There is a solution, and it is called Tactical Civics. It is a way to bring the power back to We The People. The astounding part of this is we only need half of 1 percent of the population of the county to start making concrete changes in our community. For Isabella that equates to about 325 people. If you are interested go to™ and watch the 11 minute video. Do a small thing that can make a great change. We need to RE-educate ourselves on our history and our constitution and the BIBLE – the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth! Knowledge leads to TRUTH and FREEDOM. We owe this to our children and the generations to follow