Fellow Precinct Delegates (and wannabees):

Back in the 2016 election cycle I began posting on FaceBook with the idealistic intent of initiating dialogue on various issues.  I have continued the practice during each of the ensuing elections. My primary achievement to date is having been kicked off FaceBook three or four times.  In fact, I have a sense that I am now “shadow banned.”  Undeterred, I have decided on a new approach: sharing my thoughts, research, and opinions with people actually involved in the political process, you, with the hope that you might find my ideas worth sharing with others.  I look forward to your feedback, comments and criticisms.  Perhaps this can be a mutually beneficial learning experience.

Many of my postings reference “Gruberites.”  The following is one of the versions of the article in which I first introduced the term.


“Gruberite” is a term I coined back in the Obama era in recognition of Jonathan Gruber, the M.I.T. economics professor and a major contributor to the Obamacare legislation. On multiple occasions, he attributed the success of the Democratic Party and, hence, the Progressive movement, to “the ignorance of the electorate.” Those are his words, not mine [various replays were easily found online by searching for his name].  In some instances, he replaced “ignorance” with “stupidity.”

I certainly will not dispute his assessment.  After all, who am I to question someone so learned?  I do, however, prefer the term ‘ignorance,’ which simply means a lack of knowledge. ‘Stupidity’ enters the picture when someone voices an opinion fully aware of his/her ‘ignorance,’ which is becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence.

I believe Mr. Gruber spoke factually. Just observing the bumbling ineptitude and questionable integrity of the current president and his administration certainly lends credence to his observation. And I do not limit his observation to the Left; there are far too many on the Right similarly afflicted, as I have learned during the most recent election cycles.

But, for the most part, I primarily think of Gruberites as denizens of the Left, perhaps a reflection of my prejudice. I picture Joe Biden, propped up by Jill Biden on his left and Hunter Biden on his other left (he has no ‘right’), parading hand-in-hand, being led on a leash by George Soros, while being trailed obediently and mindlessly by their minions bearing the Gruberite standard: a black flag (black because they are forever in the dark), emblazoned with a hazy parrot (they speak without substance or understanding) guzzling a pitcher of Kool Aid (DNC prepared talking points are easier than original thought) with a scrolled banner at the bottom proclaiming “Ignorance is Bliss.” In the meantime, the entire entourage is shielded from prying inquisitors by a layer of media-turned-propagandists completely dishonoring their First Amendment privileges. And then, inside that layer of protection, are the likes of BLM and Antifa, assuring through physical assault that no dissenting voice be heard.

Now ignorance, in and of itself, is not a damning flaw. Most people are ignorant of a variety of subjects: neurosurgery, thermodynamics, astrophysics, and a myriad of other topics, many in which they have no comprehension and even less interest. As such, they should neither feign knowledge nor offer critique on such subjects, nor should they disparage others whose opinions seem contrary to the vocally prominent. That would transfer their behavior from that of ignorance to the inexcusable realm of stupidity. That would make them a subject-matter Gruberites.

In the political arena, I absolutely refuse to be a Gruberite. I will never cast a ballot for an issue or candidate without being able to express a sound, value-based rationale supporting my position. I will never question another’s sincerity, integrity, or character without evidence to support my own contention. Conversely, I will never simply “parrot” ideological propaganda as much of the media and Liberal populace do.

Nor will I ever accept the inane mantra of “I vote for the man, not the party!” With today’s ideological chasms, that is absurdity personified.  Case in point: Do you believe John Fetterman was elected by Pennsylvania voters on the basis of his charisma?  Or do you think it was because he would support the Democrat position on any issue, regardless of how inane it might be?

I constantly encounter individuals from both sides of the political spectrum who could not express a single cogent reason for supporting a candidate, with “None of your business!” or words to that effect, being a frequent response when asked for clarification.

I issue this challenge, which I’ve been issuing since 2016: find a Progressive/Democrat/Liberal/Leftist capable of intelligently discussing issues rather than echoing pseudo-intellectual elitist talking-point tripe. I have posed this challenge numerous times on social media, with nary a relevant response. I now believe that the phrase “intelligent Liberal” is oxymoronic. But I’ll keep trying. I am looking for someone, anyone, who can provide me just one logically structured, non-emotional reason why anyone would vote for a Democrat

Terry Fortier

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