From our Chair – Dawn Betha

I hear political pundits say this all the time “there is no Democrat or Republican Party anymore, it’s just one big UNIPARTY”. This is where they get it wrong – among politicians there may be a UNIPARTY – but what about your average every day person? Those that are politically aware, partially aware, or not at all aware. Personally I don’t like being lumped in with Republican or Democrat politicians. As a Republican my values are God first, then family, then country. I will not speak for Democrats but I will say that the people that I know personally who identify as Democrats are unhappy, mean, and racist. When I first wrote that sentence I thought to say judgmental which would be less inflammatory, but again, my personal experience with Democrats is that they are racist so why sugar coat it?! The point I’m getting at is that the people I know that identify as conservative or Republican share my values. They are not corrupt, they don’t lie, they don’t steal. They work hard, love their family and their country and are not racist. We don’t identify with Republican politicians that lie, cheat, and steal. This is why we the people call them out and identify them as RINO’s (Republican in name only) or DID’s (Democrats in Disguise). Many people decry this kind of rhetoric as divisive and petty. It was recently pointed out to me that Democrats don’t do this to each other. They don’t have derogatory names for each other. I can only speculate as to why that is because I am not a Democrat, but my take on that is because Democrats are okay with lying, cheating, and stealing because the ends justify the means. They are okay with corruption as long as their party wins. We the People are not okay with corruption and we speak out against it. If someone were to call me a RINO or a DID I would ask WHY – give me the facts of your accusation. If we accuse someone in this manner there should be proof of their corrupt behavior. This is where the name calling gets out of hand – if you disagree with a fellow Republican on baby killing or gun laws – that does not automatically mean they are a RINO or a DID. They may still have our core values of God, family, and country. Personally I see them as ignorant of the true facts of baby killing and gun laws. There was a time when I believed it was a woman’s choice to kill her baby. There was a time when I believed we needed gun laws. I was IGNORANT of the FACTS. Once I learned of the FACTS about what it means to KILL A BABY I knew there was no “choice”. Murder is not okay! Once I learned the FACT that no gun law was going to prevent someone from being shot, I changed my mind about gun laws. But we should hold our politicians to a certain standard of behavior. We will not tolerate them lying, cheating, or stealing. If they promise to oppose BABY KILLING and the vote FOR it – they are lying. If they promise to oppose taxes and then vote for a tax increase they are stealing. If they promise to be transparent about finances but then vote for something that benefits them financially that is cheating. That is the definition of a RINO or a DID. Getting back to the issue that there is no Republican or Democrat party but only a UNIPARTY – I would say that may be true of POLITICIANS but it is not true of Americans. There is a divide in our country.Between good and evil.Between freedom and communismBetween right and wrong.Between God and Satan.I will always stand with GOD on the RIGHT side. I pray that you will join me.

These are my personal opinions and may not express the views of the ICRC or its members.