Hello Everyone,

We had a busy meeting last Thursday.  We had so much information to go over that we went a little longer than usual.  We were blessed to have Pastor Beecher Williams give our prayer – he is the current pastor at Maranatha Baptist Church and we are grateful to the church for allowing us to hold our meetings there.

We had to table the approval of our by-laws because we are required to have 2/3 of the Executive Committee to make any changes.  This will be addressed at our next Executive Committee meeting on Thursday June 8th.

Things are moving along for our Legacy of Lincoln event on Thursday May 18th.  Roger

Legacy of Lincoln

Legacy of Lincoln

Hauck and Jerry Neyer have generously sponsored tables to offer a free dinner to youth under the age of 25.  If you have a young person that you would like to bring please let me know – we have to keep track of the number of seats available.  We are also looking for volunteers to bring a specialty dessert for our silent auction.  We have 3 entries so far!  We need more!  If you aren’t a baker you could check out a local bakery that would like some advertising!  Please contact Brent Fisher [email protected] if there is a local business that would like to be a sponsor for our event.


Bree Moeggenberg gave an update on the state committee meeting.  The last two months have been challenging for our new officers – they were left with absolutely nothing to get started.  They are moving forward with plans for election training and just yesterday opened a new office in Lansing.  Check out the website – it has been updated and more will be coming.  www.migop.org  She also gave an update on District 2 Day which is Saturday June 3rd.  The location has changed to the Mecosta Fairgrounds.  Please go to the D2 website for more information www.migopD2.org.

Jerry Neyer gave us an update about how lawless the Democrats are being down in Lansing!

Alyssa Patterson was elected the President of the State of Michigan College Republicans!  Congratulations Alyssa!  She also introduced Evan Gibeau as the incoming president of the CMU Republicans.

Russ Hyde gave another update on our much improved website.  If you have not visited please do so – take a poll or sign up for the dinner or check out any of the many new features  www.isabellacountyrepublicans.com.

Several of us participated in the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival this past Sunday.  We had a great time and were joined with Jerry Neyer and his monster tractor – which is always a huge hit with the kids, and several from Roger Hauck’s office.  Please join us for future parades – it’s a great way to be visible in our community.

Jay Michaud gave out information on finance seminars that you can access online.  If you are considering running for office or just want to learn more about campaign finance laws get in touch with Jay.

Finally I want to promote an event for tomorrow night at United We Stand.  The featured speaker will be Donna Brandenburg.  The flyer is on our website.


If you have not rsvp’d for the dinner there is still time!  Please join us as we want this to be our biggest and best event ever!

Thank you,

Dawn Betha

Chair, ICRC