Installment 6 – Part 1 


“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” –The Apostle John speaking about the difference between a secular humanist worldview and a Godly worldview (1 John 4:4 NIV). 

 “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”  – Christ Jesus (Mark 16:15 NIV) 

KEYNOTE QUOTE “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr. 


Secular Humanism – “A set of beliefs that emphasize the importance of reason, and of people, rather than religion.” – Cambridge Dictionary, 2023 
Secular Humanism – “Humanism viewed as a system of values and beliefs that are opposed to the values and beliefs of traditional religions.”-Britannica, 2023 
Religion –“A cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.” – Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1985 
NOTE: Both definitions of Secular Humanism use the word form of “religion” in effort to distance themselves from being considered a religion.  If they can successfully convince Christians they (Secular Humanists) are not a religion, then they have Christians at a perceived disadvantage.  They play on the all-too-common ignorance of Christians. 
Secular Humanists, like Atheists and others falsely believe and promote their doctrine as “non-religious” so they can feign distance from Christianity and other “supernaturally–based” religions.  In light of the definition of the word, “religion” noted above, this is a fruitless effort.  Even the dullest person can see that Secular Humanism IS, in fact a religion, it simply worships the cause and belief of pagan idols and anti-God entities such as Man.  It disavows supernatural impartation. 
Use of the phrase, “…rather than religion…” in the Cambridge definition does not deny it a religion, it simply emphasizes the importance of reason over religion, implying that ”religion,” whatever they assign its meaning, is still a part.  Even the use of the phrase, “…opposed to the traditional values and beliefs of traditional religions” in the Britannica definition reveals that they ARE, IN FACT, A RELIGION, they simply aren’t traditional.  It is up to us to hold those folks accountable for what they truly are. 
Worldly – “referring to the flesh or worldly desire and experience each of us, as human beings, lust after.”   
Lust – “I must have it, and I must have it now.”  “Lust” refers to more than sexual immorality. 
What follows in this and the next couple installments, will be disturbing information to many of you; especially those of you who truly believe you are leading a Godly, Christian life.  As always, I urge you not to take my word for it.  Do your own work.  If you wish to call me a “conspiracy theorist,” or “heretical,” let that accusation be your conviction, based upon your own research, instead of simply parroting someone else’s conviction…own it! 
For others, you innately know something is wrong, yet you have not quite turned over all the puzzle pieces to understand the breadth of what needs to be re-assembled to return to a Godly culture.  Let this point you down a road of discovery. 
Still others; sadly only a remnant, are on the same page and are already fighting and dying to live out their “Biblical Christian” worldview. 
The opposite of the “world” is a rewarding human existence that allows God to command and control.  It is a place of surrender to, and faith in, a Creator God Christians simply know as Heavenly Father.  The ‘world” and the “Father in Heaven,” or simply, God, are polar opposites in every way.   
In God’s view, you are either following Him, or not following Him.  There is no middle ground.  He wants all of you.  Satan, on the other hand, can work his evil doctrine out with only just a little bit of you.  He loves people who profess to follow God, yet do not conduct their lives in such a manner as to attain to knowing God in a deeper way day by day.   
Fear not!  Stay the course!  We will eventually emerge from the muck. 
You’ve heard it said, “The unavoidable pain and destructive process of surgery must, necessarily precede the hoped for process of healing.”   
Let the surgery begin. 


The Genesis 3 “Wall of Separation” 

The Apostle John wrote about what Jesus had instructed him about all men…that men are prone to follow the easy, yet destructive path of worldly pleasure and instant gratification.  However, in the KEYNOTE SCRIPTURE 1 John 4:4, John assures Christ-followers, believers, that we already have defeated worldly forces.  Believers have God in them and God in a believer is greater than the “…one” (Satan) who only rules the “world” (our flesh desires and actions).   

 These two different things, the flesh (Satan’s playground), and God’s plan are each available for us to choose to follow.  Think of them as two paths of worship.  One path, the “world,” or, the “flesh,” is Satan’s path.  It may bring temporary enjoyment and earthly delight, but it is fleeting and destructive in the end.  The other path is walking with God in us every moment of every day.  This choice may be tougher on us in this life, but it leads to indescribable joy and peace of spirit in this life, and eternity with the LORD God in heaven in the next life.  The path we choose puts us on one side of a wall or the other.   

 You might say that at the very moment Adam bit the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:17), God erected a wall between His eternal plan for His created beings, and the evil plan of fleshly sin, the plan of Satan.  By Adam’s act, all humankind was separated from God’s perfect, sinless eternal life, and subject to physical death and a lifetime of toil.  This was the Genesis 3 “wall of separation” between God’s favor, and God’s condemnation.  All of us, no matter what, are on Satan’s side of the wall until we choose to believe in and follow God’s commands as given through Jesus.  God’s side of the wall represents eternal salvation.  Satan’s side of the wall represents the “world” and eternal condemnation.  We choose our side. 

 This is Christianity 101 and this may be “preachy,” but if you are reading this you probably are looking for ABSOLUTE TRUTH.   

Christ’s finished work on the Cross was the proverbial spiking of the football in the end zone as He won eternal victory over sin, death, and Satan.  Christ obliterated the “wall of separation” erected after the Fall of Man in Genesis 3 of the Bible.  This Biblical “wall of separation” has always been, and will always be fact.  Many of us choose not to believe or understand that we must choose NOT to let that wall still separate us from God’s promise of eternal glory.   The only way provided for a man to end up on God’s side of the Genesis “wall” is for man to believe in and obey God’s commands.  This analysis, is of course, extremely simplified! 

 Satan’s “wall of separation” 

After our examination of Thomas Jefferson’s writings of the pre and post Constitutional period, we understand this alleged “wall of separation” is a myth.  Installment 4 of this series obliterates the idea that Christianity and civics were to be separated by an impenetrable “wall.”  Quite the contrary: we now understand Jefferson and most of the founders expected citizens to carry their Christianity EVERYWHERE they went, especially into their civics!  For to do so was an effective “check” in the “checks and balances” template of self-government designed into our Constitutional Republic.  This notion falls right in line with Christ’s teachings to take Him into “…all the world.” 

 Satan convinces ignorant Americans that this “wall” is real so as not to “offend” people with “religion.”  These same ignorant citizens unknowingly, by their adherence to Satan’s “wall” theory, propagate his religion…Secular Humanism.  They are simply substituting one religion, Christianity, for another, Secular Humanism.  Satan uses this cleverly crafted barrier to brainwash his followers, and use them to expand his own religion.   They are Satan’s army.  We know Satan is the Prince of this world. 

 If you don’t believe this spiritual battle exists because your “love, acceptance, inclusive, “relative truth only” religion (Secular Humanism) says so, then we (Christ believers) have work to do!  Like Paul Revere, on his midnight ride, we believers need to get on our Mark 16:15 (KEYNOTE SCRIPTURE) horse and do what Jesus told us to do!  We need to be wall destroyers! 

This fake “wall,” wrongly attributed to Thomas Jefferson, is designed to intentionally remove Godly moral behavior from civic life and create a void that is then occupied by the anti-Christ religion of Secular Humanism.  You see, we have been duped by an enemy who is much more calculating, patient, and knowledgeable about human weakness and depravity than we give credit.  This fake wall is designed to move Christ followers to “self-censoring” mode.  I’d say the plan is working very well, wouldn’t you agree? 

 How does this happen in our society and our culture?  Aren’t we supposed to get smarter as time goes on?  Those ignorant, ancient, stuffy English immigrants didn’t know what we know!  Their Bibles were ancient.  Half of them couldn’t read!  They didn’t have the Internet (Al Gore was still approximately 350 years away from future conception!)!!!  WHY, OH, WHY can’t we figure this out, cries the voice of lament?! 

 We don’t learn because we are dead.  Yup.  You heard me correctly.  We are walking zombies…slaves to the world. Slaves to our flesh.  Slaves to sports, money, power, success, causes, politics, religions, love, acceptance, social fads and FEAR PORN. 

 In the history of humankind, there has never been a greater level of slavery as there is now.  And, we, in America, believing we are the most free, are, in reality, enslaved more than any other culture on the planet.  We are slaves to our wayward free-will choices.  Slaves are dead.  We are slaves…we are dead.  We walk around worshipping things that don’t matter and don’t advance anything worthwhile in the eyes of God.  We are dead.  We have no concept of what matters. 

Martin Luther King Jr. pegged the answer to the question above right on the button.  He punched us right in the nose.  King Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” 

 This is harsh, no?   

 We complain.  We compromise. We sit. We quit.  We medicate.  We self-censor.  We work.  We watch.  We disengage.  We fall in line and hold out our hands and feet to be shackled.  We do it willingly.   But through all of that idle chatter and activity, we are SILENT ABOUT WHAT MATTERS. 

 What matters?  What is important?  What advances God’s goodness?  Do we know?  Did we ever know?  Have we simply just forgotten? 

 We lose the battle because of our own weak conviction to Godly morals and our unwillingness to stand up for what we say we believe.  We elect weak legislators, crafty politicians, misguided lawyers.  We are a lazy citizenry, you and I.  We choose to ride in the cart rather than helping to pull the cart. 

 We have each other to thank for the degradation of Godly moral standards in this country.  We put our MASTERS in office instead of our SERVANTS.  And, we work ourselves to physical death to pay these MASTERS to enslave us more. 

 The largest share of the blame falls on us; the citizens of the United States of America, who have generationally sat by idly and let this wonderful gift of self-government ordained by God to begin to slip away!  I blame us. 

 Where did the foundational Christian principals of this country go: those things that used to dominate government, schools, Hollywood, our halls of justice?  Did they just disappear?  Can we find any trace of them?  Do they still matter?  And perhaps, the most mysterious question of all, “What took their place?” 

 Where did this reverence to Creator God go?  What altar do we place our sacrifice on?  Who favors us if not God?  Why is it that, when given the choice, we choose the world; our “flesh desires” over God’s better ways? 


Have you ever dug a hole in the ground to put something in, like a post, or a bird feeder?  If you dig in clay, or some other rigid soil, although the actual digging may be a bit tougher, the hole does not lose its shape…the hole stays open.  You might say the hole retains its integrity.  You can stick the pole or the bird feeder in, down to the depth you intended it to be, and then all you need to do is backfill with the soil YOU WANT to go into the hole. 

 Try digging this same depth hole in sand where the water table is high.  Just as soon as your shovel takes out a scoop of sand that’s under the water table, you turn your head away and then back again, and VIOLA! (that’s French for “wah-lah!), the hole immediately fills itself in.  With each scoop of wet sand you remove, the hole collapses and fills in with sand from the sides.  The hole gets wider but not any deeper.  You lose control of what fills in the hole and you never get the hole to the depth you intended.  The hole loses its integrity. 

 Our current society, without the firm foundational base built and operating with Christian, Godly principles, is a wet, sandy hole.  The direction in which our society travels is undefined, and the rules by which we are allowed to play are ever-changing, ever-enslaving, ever-divergent from absolute truth given us by the Founders, who received them from our Creator God.  Our “hole” is in a constant state of collapse no matter how frantically we shovel!  Our hole is losing its integrity.   

 What fills in the hole?   

 The “world” fills in the hole.  In the absence of intentional efforts by Godly citizens to join the fight against the “…prince of this world…” (Satan, John 12:31), the “world” occupies that vacated space.  And Satan’s religion is Secular Humanism – the religion whose core principle is THE REPLACEMENT OF GOD WITH MAN! 

 Obviously, we have been generationally duped by a very “…crafty…” enemy (Genesis 3:1), Satan, who has conveniently replaced the Christian religion with the Secular Humanist religion as the template and doctrine for this earth.  It permeates and dominates all places in government and life! 

 What is coming into the hole and who is putting it there?  We have, already, discovered “who” is filling in the hole.  We will now examine the “what” along with the “where” of this process. 


For those Christian believers and non-believers who think there is not a religion in control of all the seats of institutional power in the world, I suggest looking upward for a change, instead of at the screen plastered in front of your face.  WAKE UP!  Thomas Jefferson would be appalled at the notion that we have allowed the fake “wall” to be built higher, wider, and thicker because of our complacency in tending this republic. 

 It may be helpful for you to review Installment 2 and Installment 3, Part 1 of this series.  These will help you reset your understanding of the true meanings of the words, “church,” and “religion,” and clear off some of the haze that’s covering your worldview lens. 

The religion of Secular Humanism is permeated throughout the entire width and breadth of every institution in this country and the entire world.  The church of Secular Humanism enjoys 24/7/365 worship service, existing in everything we see, touch, feel, hear, and taste.  Secular Humanism isn’t a Sunday-only church…it is always in session.   

But wait!  How can this be?  I thought church and religion and state had the “wall of separation” between them!?  Turns out, only the religion of Christianity must be behind that wall, because Secular Humanism is everywhere!   It is filling all the holes where Christianity once dwelled…at least in this country. 


I’m going to introduce a concept right here that you may or may not have heard, depending upon your religious bent and network.  It is a concept which is unnecessarily debated in Christian theological circles.  I say unnecessarily debated because no true Bible-understanding Christian can deny Jesus’s commands to His people (we who believe) in Matthew 28:18-20 to take His Gospel of the Kingdom everywhere they go…not simply in Sunday church.   This new concept describes a way to understand “everywhere” on earth we go and everything we do. 

 This concept is believed to have become popularized by its followers in 1975, when Evangelical Christian founders Loren Cunningham, Bill Bright, and Francis Schaffer received a Holy Spirit message ordering them to invade the “seven spheres” of society identified as family, religion, education, media, arts & entertainment, commerce, and government.  This message became known by various names most commonly known as, “Seven Mountains Mandate,” “7M,” “Seven Mountains Dominionism,” or “The Seven Mountains of Influence.”1 

 “Non-religious” media critics immediately dismiss this concept as “conspiracy” because, of course, Christians knowing the truth pose a threat to the foundations of their godless, pagan institutions.  However, no rationally thinking person in this world can honestly say the media is “religion neutral,” and those waking up to reality clearly understand the media promotes their own Secular Humanist, satanic worship religion in deference to all other religions…especially attacking Christianity at every opportunity. 

As if that is not bad enough, there is constant debate and resulting division among Christian factions doggedly defending their personal doctrines and burning down to the ground those they oppose at every opportunity.  The church is the church’s worst critic! 

 These are the facts.  But these sidebars are unimportant to the point of this conversation.  For there is no denying that the words, “…all the world…all creation,” most certainly includes those institutions identified in the “Seven Mountains Mandate,” no matter what you choose to call man-made centers of influence.   

 I’m going to ask you to humor me, and for the sake of grins and giggles, we’re going to unify on this thing called “The Seven Mountains Mandate” (7M).  We will describe what these mountains are and who is in control of them.  Once we do that, it should be crystal clear which religion controls them. 


The Seven Mountain Mandate proposes that we, as created human beings, function in a system made of different institutions of power and influence.  They are most commonly referred to as the 7 Mountains of Influence by those who adhere to this thinking.  These institutions are named and defined as follows: 

Family – The core unit of influence most people belong to and the one each person is most able to influence.  This unit provides care, love, and defense to its members. Designed by Creator God to be headed by a male father, and a female, “…suitable helper…(Genesis 2:20),” family provides its members with the starting standard of moral, ethical and religious behavior upon which to base their lifelong decisions. 

Religion or Church – The core set of principles, beliefs, rules, and practices that form a person’s morals and ethics, and how to apply these to their worldview. 

Education – Those institutions which provide knowledge and wisdom (application of knowledge) to primarily children and youth through the age of about 25 years.  An academic purist would say this institution’s function is to prepare the student to be a viable citizen in their community.  Unfortunately what “viable” means has been changed from Godly to worldly. 

Government – In our great Constitutional Republic called The United States of America, this institution of influence was formed primarily to protect the rights of its citizens by creating, administering, and enforcing laws to do that very thing.  One would have to doubt our government has remained true to its own mandated power. 

Commerce – That institution by which we, as free, free-will empowered citizens, are able to gain personal prosperity, including the acquisition and ownership of property and land, under a government protected free-enterprise system.  Commerce creates viability and functionality of citizens independent (theoretically) of government overreach. 

Media – The institution(s) that prepare, control, and disseminate information to society through various outlets such as “news”, “fact checking,” written print (books and all literature), video, audio, and all social media platforms.   

Arts and Entertainment – Those institutions that provide us with the creative arts such as music, dance, graphics, stage productions, painting, documentaries, and films for entertainment. 

Once defined, these 7 Mountains of Influence don’t seem too intimidating or cultish at all do they?  They simply describe where each one of us live our everyday lives. 


I am acutely aware the phrase “7 Mountains of Influence” is not in the Bible!  Many of my fellow Christians have beaten me over the head with this fact and I agree…it’s not in the Bible.  Yet, neither is the “Trinity” in the Bible.  The “Trinity” is a man-created doctrine that best describes Biblical truth of God’s nature.  God seems OK with that.  Similarly, the “7 Mountains” doctrine is man’s effort to describe an understanding of “…all the world.”   

 Let’s just say that both concepts are of man, yet both can be gleaned from scripture.  Agreed? 

 I happen to ascribe to both the doctrine of the Trinity to describe God’s nature, and to the 7 Mountains of Influence doctrine as a possible doctrine to put legs into the Great Commission.  I DO recognize there are “unseen” spiritual realms in which we, even as mortals must acknowledge, wage war in, and preach the Gospel of Jesus.  But, for now, let’s simply start with our physical world.  I think you will get the point. 

So, for the sake of moving along, I’m going to stick with the term, “7 Mountains of Influence,” hope you’ll indulge me, and bear the consequences.  You that don’t agree can take it up with the Lord when you see Him! 

 I first want to demonstrate scripture acknowledges these 7 Mountains or institutions, if that is an easier word to digest, exist.  Then, we can simply reach the understanding that “all the world” is contained in the 7 Mountains.  Once we characterize the world, the rest is simple because Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” (Mark 16:15).   

 If you prefer 8 Mountains or 6 Mountains, then good for you…whatever conveys the truth…the logic of the command by Jesus still applies.  We (Christ followers) are to take Jesus with us everywhere we go.  If you dispute God or Jesus acknowledged these particular institutions in scripture, I’ll shed a bit of light for you right now. 

FAMILY –   Exodus 1:21 – God blessed the Jewish midwives with families. 

RELIGION (CHURCH) – Matthew 16:18 – Jesus declared His “church” (ekklesia) 

EDUCATION – Luke 2:46, 52 – Jesus acquired wisdom from educators 

GOVERNMENT – Mark 12:17 – Jesus acknowledges Caesar’s worldly authority 

MEDIA – Luke 4:21 – Jesus recognized the ancient writings of the prophets 

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT – Colossians 3:17 – Paul calls us to do all in the name and glory of Jesus…no matter what we do, even becoming “…all things to all people.”. 

BUSINESS & COMMERCE – Luke 19:13 – Jesus’s parable of the Ten Minas 


Certainly by now you are able to see a bit of the real picture through the haze.  No matter how you decide to characterize the “world,” you should be able to start to see who is pulling the strings (pushing the narratives) here on earth, and what those strings control…which RELIGION (the stuff filling in the wet, sandy hole)  being propagated. 

 Let’s take each of the 7 Mountains and look at them separately with a few examples of how the religion of Secular Humanism has infiltrated and, now controls that mountain.   

Unfortunately, for the sake of time, we will only visit the first Mountain in this Installment: FAMILY.  The remaining six Mountains will be covered in future installments. 


I visited the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) website back in 2020, amidst the alarming violent and destructive protests they were staging as part of their intentional plan to disrupt the 2020 Presidential election.  Because so many of my white peers, Christian peers, mainly, were singing BLM praise, I wanted to understand what principles BLM stood behind. 

At that time in history, BLM was enjoying a “swooning” hypnotic love from the state-sponsored media, all levels of college and professional sports, businesses and advertising.  You could not turn on any mainstream media feed without seeing riots, protests, burning buildings and angry crowds.  As a white male Christian, I felt, and still feel, much of the anger is focused toward me.   

When you consider that BLM is a religion just like any other cause, set of beliefs, or set of principles, and you witnessed our government and the news, entertainment, and business community supporting it, you cannot deny those that control those Mountains propagate BLM as a religion over Christianity.   

 There is no such thing as “religion-neutral” in any of the 7 Mountains of Influence.  Some religious cause is being promoted by whichever power controls the particular Mountain…and it ain’t Christianity! 

 The BLM website had on it a page entitled, “What We Believe,” laying out in mission statement form, the “…causes, principles, and systems of belief…” they declared as their “cause;” by definition, their “religion.”  While reading through that document, I was alarmed by two things I read.  The first one was that they disparaged the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”  The page also said BLM aimed to “dismantle the patriarchal practice” that leads to mothers having to work two shifts to make ends meet.  Seems odd to me that they didn’t acknowledge “family” was created and ordained by Creator God, not the West, but who needs facts?   

 The second alarming claim BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors made was that herself and fellow co-founder Alicia Garza were “trained Marxists.”  It is a well-known fact that the religion of Marxism has, as a central tenet, the goal of dismantling the nuclear family structure, in deference to the “community” raising a child!  Don’t be fooled!  The “community” is a faceless, nameless social structure designed to obliterate parental authority so that the “community” can turn your kid into a welfare zombie who can’t think for himself.  Look at the product our university system puts out onto the street!  

Comparing Marxist symbology with Black Lives Matter

Comparing Marxist symbology with Black Lives Matter

I remember asking myself, “Do these folks believe that there is no value in a nuclear family?”  Why would a culture that suffers the greatest rate of fatherless families, a characteristic statistically proven to be the root cause of black gang membership and, likely, black incarceration to endorse a community whose goal is to further destroy the family structure that is statistically proven to keep black people out of crime and incarceration? 

 It is my supposition that most of my white Christian friends, and just as likely, a majority of black people do not really understand what the BLM religion stands for.  A re-visit to the BLM website during research for this installment reveals that the convicting language has been removed. 

 My research brought me to a September 24, 2020 article, published by the New York Post, entitled, “BLM site removes page on ‘nuclear family structure’ amid NFL vet’s criticism,” by Joshua Rhett Miller.  The New York Post is considered to be a conservative leaning news reporting agency.  

 Why would BLM remove language about their true mission as a religion?  Are they concerned their supporters will drop their support, based solely upon race baiting and division?  Why don’t they want the mainstream to know what they truly stand for? 

This is simply one example of how the mainstream media, an arm of the Secular Humanist religion, supports, both financially and by select coverage of news stories, religious doctrines of Secular Humanism.   

 Dismantling the nuclear family, an institution created and ordained by God in Genesis 2:24 (not the “West”), is clearly opposed to God and promotes chaos and calamity in any culture.  Any religion opposing God’s will is a false-religion.  Therefore, BLM is a false religion.  And since BLM is promoted by our government, sports, educators, media, and even the church and family, then you can see it is a religion permeating all of the 7 Mountains of Influence!  You can see why BLM removed their wording about dismantling the family because many of their supporters are too lazy to understand what they truly stand for BUT, if they did, BLM may lose their support.  BLM, a socially acceptable, government endorsed, secular promoted religion, with support of other God-opposed, power controlling entities that influence societal and cultural behavior, has pierced this fake “wall of separation” between church and state.  This is the same wall that these entities so doggedly fight to prevent Christianity from penetrating. 

 BLM, its own religion, undermines Family and it is endorsed by those in power…simple!  Christianity, its own religion, which promotes Family, is not endorsed.  You do the math. 

 This example of BLM’s veiled (not so much) assault on the family via Marxist ideals ties nicely into other Secular Humanist narratives striving to undermine the nuclear family as God designed. 

Family assaulted by servants YOU elect! 

Our federal, state, and local elected servants choose to support these entities, such as BLM, in the name of “fairness” and “equity,” while opposing the principles by which the system that allowed them to be “elected” was formed.  They oppose our Constitutional system by remaining silent about the origin of the very document they are sworn to protect, the Constitution.  They pass legislation protecting the religious practices of religions such as BLM, yet call Christian principals such as “one-man, one-woman marriage” “racist!”  I have news for you.  There is only ONE race…humanity! 

“Planned Parenthood” (a.k.a. Government backed religion of child sacrifice on the altar of “women’s rights”) 

If you doubt the above, simply look at the values your township, city, county, and state are putting YOUR TAX DOLLARS into.  One shining example of complimentary indoctrination into Marxism and Communism is Planned Parenthood’s simultaneous attack on family via the removal of parental rights in the issue of abortion and sexual preference (there is no such thing, by the way…you are what God made you).   

In the name of “individual rights,” and “free choice,” they intentionally drive wedges between parents and their children by buying-off legislators who then pass laws that allow minor children to make decisions their brains are not yet developed enough to process, the long-term mental, physical, and spiritual effects of those decisions unknowable to the minor child who was coerced into making them.  To “help” these minor children make these decisions, proponents of these soul-stealing decisions bombard our children with mis-information and endless “public service” indoctrination in our public schools, and at nearly all ages starting at age 5!  This is a COWARDLY plan, yet it is exactly how the “prince of this world,” Satan operates. 

 Over the history of this country, these same elected servants have legislated Godly principles out of leadership, and have, instead, become our elected masters instead of our servants.  This is another tenant of Secular Humanism…the expansion and advancement of government over the governed, in order to create a “master-slave” government, rather than a government which serves its elect.  Black slavery may be “abolished,” though I doubt many black people would say they are not still slaves, but in its place, our Black and White families have (willingly) enslaved themselves to our government. 

 Family assaulted by “educators”  

“God” has been removed from the “family” as taught in federally and state supported (financially) public K-12 schools.  These tax-payer funded empires of wealth and ungodly influence, falsely named “institutions of learning,” are nothing more than government funded centers for indoctrination into the religion of Secular Humanism.  Likewise, colleges and universities are funded on the backs of enslaved taxpayers, most of which do not realize they are funding similar indoctrination into a Secular Humanism religious cult. What’s more, the vast majority of these taxpayers would profess not to believe in the religions their tax dollars are supporting and promoting.  Ahhh…mindless sheep! 

 Home schooling is thought to be the last bastion of faith in education, but governments like the State of Michigan are even going after God and FAMILY in those poorly defended oases.  Home schoolers take it doubly hard.  They pay tax dollars to support schools they don’t attend, typically because of religious beliefs that differ from the Marxist doctrines in our U.S. public school curriculum.  To add insult to injury, the “state,” promoting Marxist and Communist doctrine, calls out home schoolers’ Christian religious beliefs as racist and terrorist, and is doing all they can to eliminate their Godly DUTY to educate their own children. 

 School Boards 

Marching right along in lockstep with these narratives are also our public school “educators” and school boards, both groups which have been infiltrated by evil forces; unions, lobbyists, etc., who promote the Secular Humanist religious narrative.  This narrative is a revision of our American history to teach that white people are somehow accountable for the suffering of all other cultures on the face of the earth, throughout the entirety of history (after all, according to the 1619 project, white people created slavery in the year 1619 don’t you know?!).   

 How can this narrative become viable?  Simple.  When those in power over public education of our children systematically eradicate the absolute truth of the Godly moral principles of FAMILY, as given to us in the Christian Bible, generation after generation, combine with lethargic, disengaged, lazy citizenry…us…the result is a culture of ignorant people indoctrinated into the pagan religion of this world…Secular Humanism. 

The teachings of this false religion have divided families over the last couple generations.  Those cowardly minions, many who falsely profess to be Bible-believing Christ followers are deluding themselves by parroting the false doctrines of “inclusion,” and “love:” empty and meaningless words that accept all behavior, and morals and truth in deference to absolute truth and sovereignty of God’s hard-wired moral code in ALL His created humankind.  Standing for EVERYTHING is standing for NOTHING. 

Why are we not standing up for what we know is the absolute best God has given us?  Why do we prefer to turn a blind eye in the name of busy-ness and lethargy?  This is the truth of the current demise of our FAMILY structure and to let it pass with no opposing action will one day cause you great pain and sadness knowing you should have stood fast in the LORD.  But hey, the Marxists are happy to raise your kids as a community! 


Because of my “thoroughness,” a.k.a. “long-windedness,” we were only able to expose the first Mountain of Influence, the FAMILY.  However, I consider this Mountain to be the most important of all.  After all, FAMILY is where ALL OF US, by changing our worldview from Secular Humanism to Biblical can effect immediate, generational change for the good…for God.  We generally have total control over what our children believe and learn.  If you need to make a lasting change, and all of us do, then FAMILY is the place to begin. 

  As parents, we have no right or standing to complain about the “world” if we are worshipping and funding the Secular Humanist gods of this world.  If we profess to being Christian, then we are accountable for living out that faith and teaching it to our FAMILY.  This is the ONLY path to a life of peace and an eternal legacy of favor.  To go the way of the world is to BURN! 

 Installment 7 (not written yet) will tackle another very touchy one of the 7 Mountains of Influence, the CHURCH.  This will be very, very disturbing to a great many of you who believe you are safe within the “security” of your church body.  Together we will explore how seemingly harmless terms such as “membership,” “doctrine,” “denomination,” and even “service,” have been used to drug believers into lethargy, and to divide, not unify the body Christ envisioned and called to existence by Christ Jesus.  Stay the course!  We will emerge with Good News as we travel this journey together! 


As always, the opinions, observations, and musings in these essays are those of the author, just a normal, everyday guy, and are not intended to represent the entity which hosts them.  I would be lying, however, if I did not say I hope they DO share these opinions.  The scripture referenced within, however, is not up for debate as to its truthfulness.  It is absolute truth whether one believes it or not.   

 If you don’t personally know the LORD Jesus Christ through the relationship He offers by reading His Word and connecting to the church Body, please reach out to a Christ-follower or contact the author for prayer, discernment, love and direction.  I want EVERYONE to know the LORD Jesus as I do!  You will end up somewhere for eternity…might as well be with the Cool crowd!   The Warm crowd will be burning! 

 If you would like further information about God’s word, or the teachings of Christ Jesus as they apply to our present day, please contact me via the email provided on this website, placing the words, “God in Government” in the subject line. 


-Brian Horanoff- Precinct Delegate, Fremont Township, Isabella County, Michigan 

Copyright 19 December, 2023 


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