Earlier this month, a group of people at an anti-Israel rally in Dearborn began chanting “Death to America.” On Monday, I led my fellow Michigan Republicans in calling on Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate this rally. Chanting “Death to America” is a threat to our nation and not protected speech. I believe the Department of Justice must investigate those who call for violence against our country. You can read my full letter to Attorney General Garland here.

Stand with Israel

Last weekend, Iran attacked Israel with missiles and drones in an unprecedented attack launched from Iranian soil. These attacks show now, more than ever, Americans must unite in support of Israel. In response, the House is considering legislation this week that will condemn the Iranian regime’s actions and support Israel.


My Vote on FISA

On Friday, I voted for an amendment that would require the government to obtain a warrant before collecting information on American citizens. I believe this amendment would strengthen American civil liberties. Unfortunately, due to the rules of the House, this amendment failed in a 212-212 tie vote.

The requirement for a warrant makes our country stronger by protecting the civil liberties all Americans cherish. I will always stand for the Constitutional rights of Americans so all citizens can live freely in a safe and secure America.

After the amendment was rejected by the House, I ultimately supported the FISA reauthorization because our brave men and women in uniform cannot afford to be in the dark as we face threats from the Chinese Communist Party, Iran, and terrorist groups around the world. This legislation dramatically reformed the process, which is much needed after some government employees abused the program. I supported this bill because it contains 56 key reforms to the FISA program that will stop abuses.

This is not the end of this issue though, and I look forward to supporting additional reforms when the law will need to be renewed in two years under the next President.