John is working to keep the CCP out of Michigan

Select Committee on China

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While the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tries to buy up land here in Michigan for a new battery factory, we need all Michiganders on deck to help stop the CCP! 

A company named Gotion has purchased acres of land to build its new factory. It is nothing more than a CCP subsidiary, owing its allegiance to Beijing instead of the workers here in America.

China’s increasing influence in America is cause for concern. The CCP is spending billions on getting a foothold in our country, but you can count on John to fight to keep the CCP out of our communities!

Sign John's Petition to Keep the CCP out of Michigan

We do not want companies in America that owe their allegiance to the CCP. The CCP has done all it can to stamp out freedom in its own country and throughout the world, and we hope you will sign on to help keep them OUT of Michigan’s 2nd district.

Sign John's Petition to Keep the CCP out of Michigan

For Michigan and America, 
Team Moolenaar