The sham indictment of Donald Trump – based on the fact that Trump lawfully and properly paid an attorney to handle a blackmailer, who owed Trump over half a million dollars in damages, and who yesterday was ordered to pay him another $120,000 for her crimes and her lies – has proven one thing: Democrats will stop at absolutely nothing to rig the 2024 election, no matter how brazen.

And when Lansing lawmakers return from their spring break next week, they’ve got another scheme up their sleeves: deprive the people of Michigan their vote in the 2024 presidential election altogether.

You see, Democrats are pushing House Bill 4156, to enter Michigan into an interstate compact that would overturn the results of the presidential election and the electoral college system created by America’s Founding Fathers, and replace it with a National Popular Vote (NPV).

Under the scheme, Michigan would enter into an interstate compact with other states (all Democrat-controlled, of course) that have also signed the compact, requiring that their presidential electors vote according to the national popular vote. And it would kick in as soon as they have enough states signed on to control the outcome.

Make no mistake: the only possible outcome of this bill, if signed into law, would be to disenfranchise the people of Michigan. After all: if the winner of the national popular vote also wins Michigan, there would be no difference.

It’s a transparent attempt to hand over Michigan’s presidential electors’ votes to the candidate who loses the popular vote of the people of Michigan.


Besides being a transparent attempt to overturn the will of the people of Michigan and allow vote fraud in other states over which Michigan has no control to overturn the results of our election, the National Popular Vote would effectively convert the presidential contest in a race for money.

If candidates need to compete in 50 states rather than only swing states, the amount of money needed to win a presidential race would increase enormously.

So much for that “get money out of politics” nonsense. The agenda is to make corporate PAC money completely control politics.

And it would effectively make major cities, most of which are crime-ridden swamps of Democrat corruption, the major deciders in presidential contests.

Under the scheme, vote fraud in Philadelphia and Los Angeles could disenfranchise Michigan’s voters.

This legislation is moving at breakneck pace, in typical Democrat fashion.

That’s why you need to send your directive to your lawmakers right now.
Signing only takes a moment, your directive is sent in minutes, and we don’t share your information with anyone (except to deliver the message to your lawmakers).

And then, after you’ve signed, be sure to pass this message on, and if you can, support the Rescue Michigan Coalition’s efforts with a contribution.

Because the radical Democrats’ assault is not going to stop unless we can deploy hard-hitting messages in key swing districts right now.

Despite only winning her race by a few points, Regina Miller has had no hesitation to cosponsor this and other extremist bills, like the Democrats’ bills to make “gender identity” a civil right, and repealing Right to Work to create a new source of forced donations to left-wing activists. And she isn’t alone.

We need to generate as much heat as we can – fast.


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