The past two years we have seen radical spending, ridiculous Socialist policies, and a concerted effort from the Democrats in Washington to put America last.

Here are just a few of the crises America has seen since President Biden took office:

  • Inflation Crisis: After spending trillions to achieve his Socialist policies, President Biden’s spending has made its impact felt across the nation. Nearly everything is 10% more expensive, with at-risk families getting the worst of it.
  • National Security: Since taking office, Biden has given millions of dollars in weapons to the Taliban, opened our borders for the cartels, and has allowed our enemies to purchase thousands of acres of farmland. His agenda has put our entire nation at risk!
  • Defending the Unborn: Biden’s support for abortion has helped Blue States end thousands of unborn lives. He will continue to defend abortion nationwide and work to roll-back protections we have fought so hard for.


As Congressman for Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District, I’ve done all I can to oppose President Biden’s agenda and put you and your family first. I’ve supported legislation to defend our nation, held committee hearings on his spending, fought to protect the unborn and worked with my colleagues to hold him accountable, but the truth is: we need everyone to pitch in and join the fight!

America needs leaders that will put them first, and if you agree – rush in your support and help me hold the Biden Administration accountable!


For Michigan and America, 
John Moolenaar