Dear Precinct Delegates,

Our MIGOP team is headed into our 4th week of transitioning and want to share a progress update with you.

Our team is bringing much needed innovation and infrastructure changes to MIGOP to ensure we are victorious in 2024.

There’s much work to be done!

As servant leaders we must now build the MIGOP from scratch, with the 2024 elections about 21 months away! This seems to be a monumental task for sure. As we consider the new level of PD-focused systems and services being constructed, the status-quo of MIGOP ineffectiveness is in the process of being replaced with synergy between MIGOP-PDs-County, and District parties. We are planning this design to be transitioned to our children and grandchildren’s future from inheriting tyranny to inheriting usable God-given unalienable rights.

Transition Update:

One of the questions we frequently receive is regarding the building used by MIGOP in Lansing. Many business and nonprofits are moving toward a working model whereby volunteers and employees work remotely while having access to satellite locations. Satellite locations smaller than the past large corporate buildings, but also decentralized in location allows volunteers and employees distributed throughout a large geographical area, to have access to a facility containing support resources, ability to hold meetings, and the like. The cost for which will likely be equal to or less than the large building in Lansing.

The building in Lansing is owned by a trust, not MIGOP. Meaning, a board of trustees including past MIGOP chairs, and potentially others, own the building people think of as “the MIGOP building.”

Meaning, our new MIGOP team does not have control over that building and to use it, we would have to pay approximately $12,000.00 a month. This does not include potential repairs that will be needed. Because the building is owned by a trust and not MIGOP, it is not something we can liquidate to help pay off the debt our team inherited.

Instead of paying a lease/rent to “a trust” that is claiming we can’t even see the trust documents, and instead of attempting to repair the building that does not belong to MIGOP, we shall not be making use of this building given that, to do so, does not represent best use of fundraising dollars. Moreover, there are better ways to utilize your contributions to facilitate GOP 2024 election wins.

A meeting with the representative of Chair Weiser occurred at the ‘MIGOP building’ (owned by the above referenced trust) to expedite transferring MIGOP resources to the new administration. It’s been 21 days since we legally became MIGOP chair and co-chair and the following items have yet to be turned-over to the new MIGOP administration by previous MIGOP Chair Weiser administration.

NOTE: Some of this involves a simple emailing of usernames, passwords, files, or the like:

  • House File (contact lists).
  • Donation records and documentation and related  resources.
  • Aristotle Access (necessary reporting software).
  • Michigan Attorney General filings and/or obligations.
  • IRS filings and a list of any outstanding obligations.
  • Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs documentation.
  • Michigan Employment Filings for all previous employees.
  • MIGOP Registration with the Michigan Department of Treasury and Unemployment Insurance Agency.
  • MIGOP legal documents, including but not limited to data, assets, communications, relating not listed above.
  • Information on legal actions MIGOP is affected by.

We are rebuilding a party devastated by decades of an ineffective status quo whereby Judeo-Christian morality and the Constitution are relative concepts,  and a party simply ruining Michigan slower than Democrats became the norm. We are in the process of completing an assessment of the condition of the party as necessary to implement remedies. But that requires the new administration be given full access to every aspect of MIGOP resources and systems – which has not occurred though we have maintained communications with the previous administration beginning the night we became MIGOP Chair and Co-Chair to facilitate the transition.


Below are Objectives We are Currently Accomplishing: 

  • There are several companies we are interviewing right now to acquire quality data, with unique indices that in politics are typically ignored, that our opponents utilize to defeat us.
  • We are in the process of securing offices in three parts of the state to ensure MIGOP is more accessible and to be able to recruit statewide talent.
  • We currently have the party’s mail being sent to a P.O. Box in Grand Rapids, due to our secretary living nearby to ensure quicker response time with the mail.
  • Additionally, we have an event planner, planning our BiAnnual Mackinac Leadership Conference for September. We are excited and really looking forward to all of the events and speakers we’ll have lined up.
  • We are planning large fundraisers for the party. In addition, donors have committed to financially supporting the party, as we build out our small-business fundraising system and our small dollar program.
  • We are in the process of rebuilding the website to make it fully functional and effective. We will be redesigning our logo and are going through branding development. We want the best presentation of who we are as a party.
  • We’re working with a company to develop the tools for The Good Neighbor Program, which will be our precinct level program. We have also created a standing committee on State Committee, that will assist in facilitation and promotion of The Good Neighbor Program.
  • We’ve also added a Conflict-Resolution standing committee. With many people contacting us regarding issues in their county and districts, we’ve decided for the purposes of transparency and fairness that a committee should be involved in solving these problems instead of solely the chair.
  • We plan to launch our election integrity program called, Secure Elections-Secure Future within the next 10 days. There will be many elements to this program. In the immediate we will train poll challengers and offer election inspector support. Though election inspector training occurs at the clerk’s office, many have found the training insufficient. There will be five elections prior to the November 2024 election, we want to use these elections as opportunities for people to learn and ensure those elections are operating per the law with minimal exploits. Every election matters!
  • We are also in the beginning phases of developing an app for precinct delegates to not only coincide with The Good Neighbor Program; but also, to be able to send immediate alerts to precinct delegates. One of the troubles we have been experiencing is that the Democratic legislators, who control the legislature, wait until the absolute last moment to announce the bills our legislators will be voting on, some bills they bypass the committee process all together. Which make organizing volunteers difficult and we’d be dependent on email sent at night or in the morning and many individuals who would be available to fight back miss the email. We need immediate communication. This project will take a few months.
  • And much more!!!

Our team is not waiting for the previous administration to turn over the resources that should have been turned over the work week following our election. We are already designing and implementing repairs and new systems as required to provide infrastructure, PD resources, and candidate resources, as necessary to elect constitutionalists to government — just as our national Party Platform requires we do by the nature of it referencing the Constitution 79 times along with the phrase “we are the party of the Constitution!”


How You Can Help:

As we begin our 4th week as an administration, here are some things you can do to ensure we as a party are successful:

  • Make sure you are plugged in to your county party. Most of our initiatives at MIGOP will flow down to the county level, with synergy also maintained at the congressional district level.
  • Know your State Committee members and make sure they are answering your questions, and fulfilling their duties (the same relationship you should have with MIGOP).
  • Please read the Michigan Republican Party by-laws, (MRSC Bylaws) so you are informed on how the party operates.
  • Attend your district and county meetings to ensure servant-leaders there understand your expectations and so you may unite with them in common-cause.
  • Please read our emails with special attention given to action items.
  • Lasty please financially support the Michigan Republican Party. As YOUR new MIGOP servant-leaders efforts to build statewide systems required to lawfully eject authoritarians at all levels of Michigan government and who threaten the survival of our state. And replace them with constitutionalist servant leaders who will restore government to operating within constitutional constraints.

The Best is Yet to Come!
In Liberty,

Kristina Karamo & Malinda Pego

Chair & Co-Chair

Michigan Republican Party

MRSC Bylaws


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