FBI Director Decries Proposed 22 Percent Budget Cut, Says China ‘Not Dialing Back’


If You Can Choose Your Gender, Can You Choose Your Race?

If it’s socially acceptable for people to identify as a different gender, would the same logic apply to choosing a different race? Aldo asks students at UCLA what they think and whether there’s a double standard when it comes to “blackface” vs. “woman-face.”



A spectator waves a gay rainbow flag at an LGBT gay pride march in London.

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Michigan House approves LGBT protections, Senate votes to repeal abortion ban.  Republicans offered more than 10 failed amendments, including to exempt religious groups when acting on “sincerely held religious beliefs.”


Gun Show

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There is a reason why it is VERY important to elect Republicans!  Michigan House passes law expanding background checks to shotguns and rifles   This measure passed with ALL democrats voting for it and NO Republicans.  Think on that!


Witmer signin a bill

Whitmer poised to break campaign promise if she signs right to work repeal


BREAKING: First Black Female, Kristina Karamo, Wins MI GOP Chair Race – Fake News Media Panics



Armani Jackson on behalf of Jerry Neyer our State Representative gave a report which highlighted the following;

    1. Jerry introduced his 1st bill to change the law about reporting for farmers within 8 hours, incurring heavy fines. It was a bipartisan bill.  This was to adjust the wording to avoid a veto.  The committee will meet beginning in February.
    2. Jerry is the minority Vice Chair on the Agriculture Committee
    3. Jerry sits on the Insurance Committee
    4. Jerry sits on the Regulatory Reform Committee
    5. Email was sent out to about 20,000 constituents about office hours In Isabella County 10-11 AM at the Veteran’s Memorial Library on January 27th, and in Gratiot County 12-1.
    6. The Republicans are currently in the minority in the state house

Jerry Jaloszynski a county commissioner for district 4 outlined what the county commission was doing, which included the following, Frank Engler contributed to the discussion:

    1. The focus has been on who will lead the county and serving on committees, and after caucusing with all the 4 Republicans, who were in the majority decided to have Tobin Hope, a democrat, lead the board, since in their evaluation he did a good job previously. This was not without precedent since when the Democrats had the majority they also had a Republican chair.  The county Commission tries to be very non-partisan and get a chair who will reflect that.  Tobin has given a voice to all the commissioners and that was not always experienced in Jerry’s judgement in the past.  All participants work as a team with the County Administrator who was new last year.
    2. One of the challenges is the ground breaking for the county jail, and the long term financing needed to pay if off.
    3. Another challenge presented was ongoing issues with personnel. Jerry stated while speaking with the sheriff it looked like they might lose 2 deputies to other local police agencies.  Trying to keep those wages up is a challenge to maintain personnel levels.  In light of that a new Wage Review was likely, but currently the unions represented seem very favorable to continue their contracts.
    4. They will be evaluating the new “Merc” (Materials Recovery) study, to be presented soon on how to operate that facility. It was supposed to be self-supporting but instead is costing between $200,000 – $400,000 a year out of the budget.
    5. Jerry is now serving as Vice Chair of the County Board and chair of the Finance and Administration Committee.
    6. Frank Engler serves as the Chair for the Criminal Justice and County Affairs Committee
    7. The third committee is chaired by a democrat.
    8. Jerry believes that they have a good team in place and hope to continue to provide good services to the residents.
    9. Frank Engler stated that Chris Emry who was elected for Frank’s previous position was put on the Finance Committee.
    10. Frank stated that they have paid off the preconstruction loan and getting ready to begin building the new jail
    11. Frank stated in conclusion that the inflation and stock market and retirement funds are going to be more of a challenge than they previously thought, but that everyone else is dealing with it as well.
    12. Robin Stressman asked about what was under consideration for the old jail. Jerry said that it will probably be a multi-million dollar project and right now there doesn’t seem to be any funds, unless there are grants that come in.  One potential is statewide there is a shortage of juvenile detention beds, and Clare county will be opening up a facility, and another Northern county.  It is on the Sheriff’s “hope” list.
    13. Frank Engler mentioned that 3 times in the past they tried addressing it, and you could use the outer ring for the juvenile detention and other parts for storage of a repair facility.
    14. Frank stated that tearing it down was an astronomical figure so trying to figure out what to do with it.

Gabe Butzbe spoke on behalf of John Moolenaar our Representative in the US House. They covered the following topics

    1. “Since the Republicans are in the majority they have hit the ground running.”
    2. Passing the “Born Alive” protection Act, protecting survivors of abortions
    3. Passed a bill to repeal funding for the 87,000 IRS agents
    4. Opening several“select committees” including one on the Corona Virus, on the weaponization of the federal Government against the American People and what the FBI is doing, another on China of which John is on that committee
    5. Bree Moeggenberg asked for clarification about the 87,000 IRS agents, Gabe clarified that it was to completely defund them.
    6. Kelly Fountain asked if anything was being done with guns. Gabe said not right now, and the Democrats aren’t doing a lot either, which he thought was a good thing.
    7. There were dissenting opinions commented on about the war in Ukraine, both pro and con. But that President Biden sent more Abram Tanks to Ukraine.  Not planning to spend more money but there is “discretionary” funds available to the Biden administration, and an investigation will start into looking at that.
    8. Robin Stressman asked about “classified documents”. Gabe said “what really needs to happens is we just need to completely update the process for how we can handle classified documents.”  Especially in light of finding them at Vice President Pence’s home as well as President Biden’s and former President Trump.  They will be investigating a lot of people because of the classified documents.

Information about the College Republicans at CMU was presented by Emily Bredin, since Allysa is in Midland being a Precinct Delegate there. The Main Stage event was February 5th

She asked for help if anyone was interested in buying “super-bowl square”, which is a fund-raiser for all the members who want to go to CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee).  Brian Horanoff asked about the details for Main Stage. It will be at Finch Field House at 1:30.  Kelly Fountain asked if they needed any help, but the College Republicans had it all under control.

Brian Smith on Union Township Board

Congratulations to Brian Smith for making it onto the Union Township Board.  We need Republicans everywhere we can.

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