Sadly, however, the Michigan Legislature is returning to session tomorrow, and Democrat extremists are planning their most radical assault on your constitutional rights to date: so-called “Red Flag” legislation to destroy your right to keep and bear arms . . . with no due process of law . . . based solely on an accusation of something you may or may not have said.

Count the constitutional rights this bill would violate. Not just the Second Amendment, but the First and Fourteenth as well.

The bill package already passed the Senate, with every Democrat voting for it (not one Democrat supported the Constitution) and no Republican voting yes (this is too radical even for the RINOs).

If you haven’t already done so – or even if you have, tell them again – send your directive to your lawmakers RIGHT NOW to oppose the radical RED FLAG law and all bills to gut your gun rights.

And when they return to session tomorrow, the time is ideal to follow up with a phone call and tell your lawmakers how you feel personally.

You can look them up here. Especially if your state rep is a Democrat, he or she needs to hear from you. They need to know the opposition is strong, organized, and informed.

Here’s a sample script you can use:

Hi, this is (your name) from (your city). I’m calling to demand the representative vote NO on Red Flag legislation, radical and wildly unconstitutional legislation that destroys our right to due process of law, one of the bedrocks of American justice, to destroy our right to keep and bear arms, our fundamental right to defend ourselves and our families.

This legislation is just the latest to make America less safe and deprive the public of the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

You need to do more to PROTECT Michigan citizens, not endanger us. Tell the Representative I said to vote no.

You do not need to engage in a debate with their staff. Just leave the message and politely end the call.

Even if you don’t make the call, it only takes seconds to send the message via email, and you can have your email address redacted if you like. (We never disclose our petition signers to anyone except the relevant lawmakers.)

After you sign, if you can, please consider chipping in a contribution to help the Rescue Michigan Coalition inform and mobilize more patriots.

Thanks for all you do for Liberty,

Adam de Angeli
Rescue Michigan Coalition

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