Our meeting was very productive last week and we are getting better about keeping on track for time.

Brian Horanoff gave a brief overview of MIGOP’s new program called Good Neighbor.  This is still a work in progress and more information is coming.  All precinct delegates will soon have access to the program to learn what it is all about.  It is a way for precinct delegates to make more connections within their precinct.

I missed the email from Gabe Butzke with updates from Congressman Moolenaar.  So here it is:

He voted for the 2023 NDAA bill.  Which includes a pay raise for service members.  He added a provision to the State Department Budget that blocks the use of federal funding from being used to shut down Line 5.  He questioned some Biden Admin officials on the CCP.  He questioned them on the threat of CCP businesses popping up next to military installations.

Our state rep Jerry Neyer was at the fair – as well as many other party members!

Bree Moeggenberg gave a report on the state committee meeting and Andy Sebolt (Chair District 2) gave an update on the Resolution for the Presidential Primary Caucus plan.

Minde Lux (county clerk) asked for people to sign up for the training to be an Election Inspector/Poll Worker.  The training will be in October THIS YEAR and will NOT be available in 2024.  For more information go to our website.

The Chair made a suggestion of doing a movie night to benefit the church.  They have been so generous in allowing us to use the space for free we need to give back!    Also need help cleaning out the storage space.  An idea was given about purchasing a small trailer to do some type of display for our parades and other events.  The Central Michigan University Homecoming Parade is coming up in October.  We will be hosting a FREE picnic in the park afterwards.

Linda Richardson gave an update on the “You’ve Been Flagged” fundraiser.  For more details go to our website.

There was a vacancy on the Executive Committee and after the vote CONGRATULATIONS  to Jim McBryde for being elected to the position!

There is a vacancy on the Board of Canvassers and the chair was required to submit 3 names to the County Clerk for the Board of County Commissioners to vote on.  The names submitted were:  Jeff Bean, Douglas Davis, and Stacie Pratt.

There was discussion on forming some type of Election Committee.  Jeff Bean volunteered to chair the effort to form this committee if there is enough interest.

Bree Moeggenberg presented a Town Hall for Moms for Liberty about alternatives to public education.  This will be on  Monday August 14th at 5:30 pm at the Maranatha Baptist Church.  She also suggested the purchase of an ice cream or slushy machine to be used as a fundraiser.  More research is needed before we vote on this.

We will have some special guests at our next meeting on Thursday August 24th.  Alexandria Taylor and Michael Hoover – candidates for US Senate will be with us.  We will conduct our meeting first and then they will both be given time to speak and then there will be time for Q&A after.  Yes there is a third candidate – Nikki Snyder – who we have seen and heard from at more than one event here in Isabella County.  This meeting is an opportunity for us to see and hear from the other two candidates.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

Dawn Betha

Chair, ICRP

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