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Dear Precinct Delegates,

In light of the recent RNC letter regarding Chairwoman Karamo, the MIGOP Communications team has received several letters from esteemed MIGOP stakeholders disputing and debunking the absurd assertion that she was “properly removed.”  To be clear, Chairwoman Kristina Karamo was reaffirmed by MIGOP State Committee members on January 13, 2024, by a nearly unanimous vote of 59 – 1.

This link provides access to those letters:    

It is evident that certain high-ranking members of the RNC have colluded with the “rogue faction” currently engaging in the hoax that Peter Hoekstra is the new chairperson.  He may be the chair of something, but we can guarantee he is not the chairperson for the Michigan Republican Party.

The fraudulent RNC letter represents the corrupt nature of the establishment globalists who currently run the RNC.  It exemplifies their disdain for the will of the 1,261 Precinct Delegates who elected Chairwoman Karamo on February 13, 2023, at the State Convention.  Reach out to the following individuals and raise your voices to let them know that the Michigan Republican Party will not tolerate their deceitful tactics:

  1. Michael Whatley- RNC General Counsel
    1. 704 576 0604
    2. [email protected]
  2. Matt Raymer- RNC Senior Counsel
    1. 310 809 0507
    2. [email protected]

In Liberty,

Communications Team
Michigan Republican Party

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