Over this past weekend there was a massive win for the Michigan State Republican party!!!!

First we got a somewhat cryptic email from our Chair, Kristina Karamo,  here.  Then later I got an email from “Rescue Michigan”, here.

Then you can read the entire Resolution MRP 2024 Presidential Primary Resolution .

Please read the GOP email, then the Rescue Michigan email. In the Rescue Michigan there are links to video, worth the watching, then read the Resolution.

There will be a meeting of our District 2 delegates and they would like to have Questions be reviewed prior to the meeting to better prepare to answer all of your questions. To make this possible, please submit your questions in advance to Bree at [email protected]. Deadline to submit questions for this specific meeting is this Thursday, 6-15-23. D2 State Committee members will then introduce questions/answers on the Friday zoom.

This is exiting news!  The democrats in Lansing thought they tricked us into weakening the party, but instead have strengthened it!


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