This information is being passed on to help you, our county Republicans to be informed.  Posting does not mean we either agree or disagree, we are merely passing information.Good Morning Precinct Delegates,

I write this email to provide a synopsis of yesterday’s hearing with the RNC regarding their unprecedented actions to decide who it will recognize as the Michigan GOP chair.  I want to reiterate that RNC’s assertion that it has the authority to make this type of decision is categorically wrong because it compromises the will of the MIGOP Precinct Delegates and State Committee members who duly elected and reaffirmed me as Chairwoman.

I commend the MIGOP General Counsel, Dan Hartman, for his impeccable presentation of the factual arguments that outline why the RNC should still recognize me as Chair.  He argued the following:

  • The call for the initial January 6th special meeting was a significant issue because it was non-compliant according to the MIGOP bylaws.
  • There was a lack of the signatures required for removal at the call to special meeting.
  • The signatures were insufficient because one of the 54 was an individual who moved out of state and is no longer a registered voter of Michigan, four had not paid dues and could not vote, and four more were obtained under duress and false pretenses (Dan exhibited how Warren Carpenter was threatening and trying to bribe State Committee members to sign).
  • The quorum issue was raised.  He outlined how they (the rogue faction) lacked quorum to consider the business of removing me as Chairperson.
  • The MIGOP State Committee considered an independent state policy subcommittee report rejecting the January 6th meeting.

The MIGOP Communications Team will post copies of the Summary Statement and Exhibits page on the official MIGOP website. This will provide unfettered access to factual information about yesterday’s RNC hearing.

Lastly, I created a video to share my thoughts on how we can unite as a State Party and move forward to achieving our ultimate goal of winning more elections in 2024.  I provide some “receipts” about the possible culprits who played a major role in orchestrating and driving the division within our Party.

You can use this link to access the video –

The Michigan Republican Party is strong and steadfast in our principles and must not allow internal saboteurs or “outside counsel” to further sew division.

In Liberty,

Kristina Karamo
Michigan Republican Party



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